This happy traveler is always packed and ready to join you on your next adventure — be it Paris, the Grand Canyon, or the corner store! (Gnomes firmly believe that there’s always an adventure waiting around the next corner.)

Grab yours from my Etsy shop for just $7 CDN (plus shipping). Then email a picture of your photobombing Gnome to, and (pending moderation), I'll add it here so we can all live vicariously through the adventures of the roaming Gnomes! 

Check out where the Gnomes have been dispatched to their new HQ's!

October 13, 2016 from Sonia-Ann at Parc national du Mont-Saint-Bruno, Canada

August 26, 2016 from Pat & Alice in Canada

Strait of Georgia, BC, Canada

Hope, BC, Canada

Hope Caves, BC, Canada

Rocky Mountains, BC

Smash in Head Buffalo Jump, Alberta, Canada

Vermillion Bay, Ontario, Canada

August 10, 2016 from Kerstin in Germany

October 24, 2015 from Anna Gabriele Salchner & Greg Younger-Lewis

September 26, 2015 from @ourmontessorilife

Taking in the Pacific on a beautiful Autumn afternoon. 

September 12, 2015 from @ourmontessorilife

Gnome's first walk in the rainforest: We decided it was time to take him out.
We agreed he might be more at home in the forest instead of a first visit to the Pacific. 
There are no "landmarks" here. Not much in the way of tourist attractions either. We do have giant ferns as tall as 1.5 metres or more, lots of wildlife (like bears and cougars although we didn't see either today) and something else. We have stillness. A peacefulness that calms even the rowdiest of gnomes... or children. 

August 21, 2015 from @amberlea.w

Gnomey added a couple of new wings to his Wee Gnome Home. Too much? #ChateauFrontenacQC #gnomesaroundtheglobe #herenessandthereness

August 19, 2015 from @amberlea.w

Now that's a big lobster! (Even by Gnome standards.) 

August 18, 2015 from @amberlea.w

Gnome quite likes the colour scheme of lighthouses. Neil's Harbour, NS. 

August 17, 2015 from @amberlea.w

And for the first time in his life, Gnomey was speechless. 

August 10, 2015 from @amberlea.w

Had a sad couple of hours yesterday when we thought we'd left this guy at home. VERY happy to report that Gnomey successfully stowed away in our luggage and greatly enjoyed a lunch break in #GrandFalls #NewBrunswick today! #gnomesaroundtheglobe #FAMroadtrip #herenessandthereness

July 21, 2015 from @knittygrittyhomestead

Gnomeo is not a religious gnome but can't contain his self 
seeing La Cathedrale Sainte-Croix in Orleans.

May 17, 2015 from @amberlea.w

Gnomey exploring the nation's capital on this fine summery day!

April 24, 2015 from @erinellenbergermarch


  1. Cute idea Amberlea! Glad to see you still have time to be creative while keeping an eye on your little man.

  2. My gnome was "lost" hole year in the closet. I promise to him that we go ab adventure today atlast! T: Jo From Suomi/Finland