Wednesday, July 8, 2009

B+A #001: from pants to dress

Goodbye electric-blue pleated pants.

The idea for this dress was inspired completely by these startlingly awesome blue pants I found at the Salvation Army. Because the pants themselves were a little too big for me, I had enough material to play around with and make the dress. I was able to loosely use a pattern for the bodice, and pretty much free-formed the bottom; readjusting the placement of the pleats. Mostly, the process involved winging it with large basting stitches that could easily be removed. Which I did. Many times. Kind of a try, try again kind of deal. Odd, I don’t generally feel like I have the patience for that.

The belt is made from a thrifted bed sheet, the remains of which I plan to turn into a vintage-50’s-style apron. And the buckle I’ve had for years, not sure where it came from.

I was thrilled with the outcome, and thought I’d give it a little wash, operating under the assumption that most clothes found in a thrift shop—even those that are dry-clean-only—have been washed in the machine at least a few times. Sadly, no. Rayon in the washer? Bad idea. Classic Amberlea mistake. It went from nicely fitted, to skin-tight. NOT the kind of look I want to or can pull off. But I was able to stretch it out enough to wear it. Once.