Thursday, March 7, 2013


With Legian, just north of Kuta, as our basecamp, we went by moto down to the westernmost point of the southern peninsula of Bali to Uluwatu. There’s a temple here, but it’s not so much the temple that drew us, as the stunning natural scenery. Puru Uluwatu is built atop a startlingly sheer cliff that falls away to the crashing surf below.

We adventured beyond the paved path along an extremely muddy and sticky trail to some fantastic cliff views with swallows performing their aerial acrobatics above, but seeing an ominous wall of rain approaching, we headed back to the bike, and made it just in time to seek shelter by the vendor stalls.

When the rain passed—but not before breaking up one dog fight—we went over to a neighbouring bay and watched some intrepid surfers take on the massive waves. Awesome!

Waiting for the rain to pass so we can start our day!

Live chicken being transported.

Ominous grey skies followed us around for most of the day.

Looking straight down.

This dog thinks he’s keeping the monkeys in line, but really
it’s the groundskeeper with the slingshot standing behind him…

Standing as close to the edge as I felt comfortable... gulp!

Yikes! The storm cometh! Back to the bike!

The path was so sticky with mud!


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