Friday, March 8, 2013

Tanah Lot

Along the southern shore of Bali, west of Kuta, and with a view of the cliffs of Uluwatu, sits the temple at Tanah Lot. Rising majestically from the crashing surf, the temple was built on a rocky outcropping that is only accessible at low tide. We were there at high tide, so enjoyed the views of it and the other temples along the shore from higher ground.

The sky was incredible with the approaching storm.

"Copi Lewak" is coffee made from beans that have been eaten and pooped out by these adorable civets.
And for the privilege of this poop coffee you'll pay 10x the price of regular coffee.

Puppy playtime!

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  1. What an amazing temple!
    So... you didn't try the Copi Lewak then? What's not appealing about ridiculously priced poop coffee!