Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Watching the ball drop on 2012

Normally as a new year arrives I am filled with contemplation about what the previous year meant, and what I want the new year to be. The amazing sense of endless possibilities marked by a new year is a feeling I look forward to. I don’t feel it as strongly this year, I think because this adventure is, in many ways, a series of days that each hold infinite possibilities. Why I couldn’t harness this feeling every day back home, I don’t know. But I think it’s easier when everything surrounding you is new and unfamiliar.

As with Christmas, it’s bizarre experiencing a holiday in a new place, without familiar surroundings, but on Cat Ba Island there was no shortage of fellow travelers who were looking to celebrate. Earlier that day, we had been given several flyers from different bars advertising drink prices and offering such successes in life as to be always “Money in the Pocket” and “Funky in Life” and “Never Sad and Always Fun!” We found some people we’d met earlier that day at The Good Bar, and had a Good Time! 

Perhaps too much of a Good Time, considering we had to get up early for the last day of the tour which included a bus ride then a boat, then another bus, and for us, a night train at the end of it all. Hungover + bus/sea/car sick = a rough start to 2013.



Banh my break between the bar and the dancing.

The decorative edging hanging above the bar is the closest we've come to snow...

It is soooo past my bedtime...

Ouuu, these sunglasses are not nearly dark enough...

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