Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Camera shopping in HCMC

We arrived in the bustling metropolis of Saigon in the afternoon to shiny, modern buildings towering over dusty vendor stalls, traffic lights that were obeyed (to some extent), and park areas filled with people engaged in fitness activities of all kinds. First order of business: start looking for a new DSLR.

We geared ourselves up for hours of searching, comparing, and deciding, but as it turned out there were several camera stores not very far from our guesthouse, and I had a new camera within two hours of arriving. Because my lens wasn't broken, I was able to just get a new body, and I ended up with the exact same camera, just 8 years newer, and 8 years more awesome. And all for a fraction of what I paid in 2005. Though I begrudge having to spent hard-earned trip savings to replace my camera, the thought of not being able to capture what I'm seeing was not a happy prospect. The point-and-shoot works in a pinch, but it just doesn't capture the light or the range of tones the way a DSLR can.

New camera happily in hand, we had ample time to wander and explore this lovely (but expensive! ouch!) city. The Reunification Palace, whose metal gates were stormed by tanks on April 30, 1975 ending the Vietnam War, is a perfect time-capsule of 1960's architecture and interior design. Very, very funky.

Mmmmmm bakery

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  1. oh! my bad. the pictures from the last post were from your point and shoot, I guess. Well, either way, just happy to see photos!!