Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two trees away from relaxation

We bought a hand-made hammock in Hoi An from a man selling them from his bicycle. And just like that, we are Hammock People. And now we look at trees not necessarily for their interesting bark patterns or gnarly tree roots, but their proximity to one another. We might say "ooh, those ones are perfectly spaced!" and shortly thereafter, you will find us, feet up, maxin' and relaxin'. It's that easy.

Now don't go thinking there aren't risks involved in the business of hammocking. Hammock People need to look out for loose coconuts... and... hmmm, ok, maybe there aren't many risks...

But we do get some pretty strange looks. We get nods of approval from foreigners, but looks of confusion from the Vietnamese. Probably because they don't find it hot enough to lounge about, or perhaps we're breaking some bylaw we're unaware of. 

We have also noticed that a hammock is best strung perpendicular to the view, not parallel to it; that way you don't even have to turn your head. Ergonomics, people! So many things to think about...

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