Saturday, August 25, 2012

Squashmonster! Squashmonstah!

Did I say taking over? Because I meant taking over. It has expanded it's reach well beyond the bounds of the veggie patch. It's creating an empire. What we have on our hands is a fully fledged squash monster. An acorn squash monster.

At one end, it's clawed it's way past the expired peony bush, shot out across the lawn, past the Mountain Ash. At the other end it's got the rhubarb in it's sights. In the middle, in the thick of things, it's mantling over the tomatoes where I can't get to them. From tip to tip, the wingspan of this giant is 49 feet. It seems less concerned with producing fruit as it is on world domination. So far it's produced only three squash, but sadly the squirrels got to the first one and scratched a hole into it that rotted out the center. But there could be more hiding in it's unwieldy depths. I feel the need for a brave steed and chain mail to adventure to find them.

This summer will forever be known as the summer the squash took over the yard.

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