Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So many mountains

Does anyone else's week feel like an insurmountable mountain? This week is a Full On Gong Show, last week too, actually... I would much rather be climbing actual mountains than metaphorical ones... Give me aching muscles from hiking over eye-strain and hand cramping from too much desk time anyday. Sigh.

Early morning sun on Upper Cascade Lake, August 4.
The trail leading up to the peak of Giant.

I love the delicate, yet hardy, sub-alpine flora.
Plus, when the trees start getting scrubby, you know you're nearing the top.

It's worth the 3 hour climb for this view.
Giant Mountain is the twelfth-highest peak of the 46 High Peaks, at 4,626 feet.

That makes five! Last year we got our third and fourth peaks. Only 41 to go!

Could be the addition of green onions to the filling, could be the view after
many hours of exertion, but I've never tasted a better tuna sandwich.

Bit of a sheer drop-off...

At the top of Roaring Brook falls on the way back down the trail.
What a beautiful day!

Though it had called for rain, it ended up being the perfect day for a hike.

The Giant Sandwich: Roast beef, roast turkey,
Swiss, coleslaw and Russian dressing = yum.

But on the plus side, there's only 99 days left to go! The double-digit countdown begins. Mega-woot.

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