Friday, May 24, 2013

Portrait tees

It began with a parting gift for our beloved Surinder when he left for his conference; we wanted to give him a token of our love and appreciation, and decided to sign a t-shirt for him. I mentioned to a few people that I wanted to draw a little caricature of him on it, and then when I did, everyone liked it so much that they didn’t want to sign near it! So we all signed in a little cluster on the back. I didn’t mean to commandeer the shirt, but I was glad everyone liked the portrait, and especially that Surinder really liked it!

Then, at the end of the course, we wanted to have a gift for the amazing Panday Ji, so it was decreed that I would make another shirt. “Amberlea, we want to give Panday Ji a gift, so you need to make another shirt.” I was happy to oblige, and it was so great to see Panday Ji’s reaction. I thought he’d know it was coming, since we made a shirt for Surinder, but he looked completely surprised and blown away. That incredibly humble man doesn’t realize the impression and impact he had on all of us!

Then I made one with Mark’s face on it, to wear when I met him at the airport in Kathmandu. I had it draped over a chair in my room before I left, and one fellow student walked by and asked “Fidel?” Which is funny, because that’s what Indians would say to Mark as he passed “Hey! Fidel! Hashish?”

So, now I seem to be a maker of t-shirt portraits. Me thinks there might be an etsy shop in my future.


  1. wow. these are awesome amberlea!

  2. Oh my gosh I saw the Surinder tshirt on your facebook and wondered if you drew it!! So Amazing Amberlea! I love the one of Mark. So sweet to wear that to your reunion:)

    Katelin xo

  3. Great drawings, you have captured them perfectly. What a great gift for them too! Portraiture is not my forte but I'm glad you have that expert gift. Yes, ESTY is a good idea for this talent. Love Mum & Dad

  4. That's so awesome! What was Mark's reaction when you greeted him in the shirt?!