Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pleasantville. AKA Nara.

We left the relative chaos of Kathmandu, Nepal, and found ourselves surrounded by the complete and utter serenity of Nara, Japan. From one world, into another, very different one. Arriving to the jarring cleanliness and orderliness of Osaka's airport made us realize the level of dirt and disorderliness we had grown accustomed to. And the trains: so punctual, so fast! They arrived and departed precisely when the schedule said! There was a schedule! And the price was fixed as stated on the fare list! "Yeti, I don't think we're in Kathmandu anymore..."

Everything is so clean and well-put-together. The people are groomed and trimmed, the streets are impeccably clean, all the little trees are pruned into order and refinement. There hardly seems a need for anti-littering laws -- who would think of littering?! And quiet. No shouting, no honking, and even the cars are quieter. Probably electric.

I know Canada has a reputation of being polite, but seriously, Canadians, we need to up our game. The Japanese make us look like roughnecks. All the bowing and arigato gozaimasu's and giving and receiving things with two hands, wow. People are really passionate about their jobs and customer service, and it shows.

The whole experience is just so nice, and pleasant.

The deer of Nara.

So many beautiful parks to walk around.

One of many, MANY, groups of school kids that stopped us to ask us questions.

Toddaiji Temple.

Toddaiji temple is home to this enormous buddha.

Massive wooden guard in Toddaiji temple.

More adorable school kids. If you answer their questions they give you little origami gifts. :)

Vending machine culture.

Busy evening in Nara.


  1. What an amazing contrast. I am sure it felt good to give your minds and bodies a rest from all the chaos. Beautiful photos.
    Chey xo

  2. So many deer! Wow, the streets in Nara do look super clean and quiet! Looks lovely there!

  3. Those like like the politest dear I've ever seen!
    What a contrast indeed!
    Did you find the beer and panties vending machines? Two separate machines of course. How ridiculous it would be if there was ONE machine that vended both beer AND panties....

    (OMG! I seriously want to get in the car and drive 5 hours just to hug you guys!)

    1. Hahaha, nope, didn't find the pantie or beer vending machine. Sounds like you were hanging out in a different part of town ;)
      Get in the car! I want hugs! xo

  4. That tree is ridiculously good.

    Katelin xo