Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Taj

How do you begin to describe something so well-known and hyped as the Taj? I certainly wondered if it would live up to expectations, but I can honestly say, it is incredible beyond words. Is it because of it's perfect symmetry that this mammoth mausoleum, with it's central dome, vaulted archways and soaring minarets, that it appeals so strongly to our sense of beauty? It's imposing size? It's idyllic riverside location and surrounding gardens? The creamy, marble surface that becomes a canvas for the sun to paint it's colours on? Of course it's all of these things, and something else, beyond words, that "the sight of this mansion creates sorrowing sighs" as emperor Shah Jahan wrote of his construction.

It was worth the early morning to be two of the first through the gates at 6 am, and see that classic view without people in it. We sat and watched as the first rays of the sun began to add dimension to the dome, and as the sky turned blue, the light on the Taj shifted through peaches and pinks then brighter whites. So incredibly atmospheric! I wonder had Monet painted the Taj, would he have done it in a series, as he did Rouen Cathedral so he could capture the shifting light and colour over the course of the day?

This adorable little girl stood and stared at us for a good five minutes. I think she was mesmerized by Mark's beard.

I love the shapes the shadows make in the alcoves!

Monkeys and Taj.


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Wonderful photos. Fantastic that you were able to enjoy it with no one there. So many places I travel to I yearn to enjoy the space alone!!!!! very special indeed.
    Chey xo

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  3. your pictures are so beautiful! How amazing that you got to visit w/o the huge crowds of people.