Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Agra Fort

Just a few kilometres west of the more famous Taj Mahal lies the Agra Fort, once the second capital of India, and home to many conquering Sultans over the centuries, each adding or removing elements to create the complex we see today.

Within the moat-surrounded walls are many courtyards, arcades, pavillions, mosques, and palaces, with carvings so intricate they somehow make the marble look light and delicate, especially in contrast to the rough, red sandstone of the exterior walls.

An interesting feature I read about after is that because of the "90-degree turn between the outer and inner gates, the entrance is impregnable, because at the time attackers often used elephants to ram and crush a fort's gates, but without a straight ramp to gather speed, elephants are ineffective."


  1. I love this group of photos - the color palette is beautiful - calm.

    Chey xo

    1. Thanks Chey! That's what struck me most about the place too, the beautiful creams and warm terra cottas. A nice haven from the chaos outside the walls! :)

  2. great pictures!