Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bangkok to Bali

Approved visa (!!!!) and passport back in hand, we jumped on a plane and headed south, past the equator, to Bali. Before we were allowed to get our boarding pass however, we were told we had to book an outward flight (overland travel is not accepted), so we had to dash to the airport internet cafe, pay $3 for 20 minutes, and book a flight out of Indonesia, before even getting there. Frustrating, because we wanted to keep things flexible, but that's apparently not allowed.

When we arrive in a new place I try to update our map, and it's always as I'm plotting the route we took and adding a pin that it strikes me as ridiculously absurd that I'm here. That dot on the map? We were there. That was us. There. Here.

Sometimes this all feels very normal, and we get caught up in the day to day sights and sounds and frustrations, and there is a realness to it that makes it seem regular, and that it's not out of the ordinary to be buying grilled scallops from a canal boat in Thailand. People do this everyday! I've never done it before, but I'm doing it now!

But flying so fast and so far across oceans and islands and landing in a new, faraway place jolted me anew to how incredibly lucky I am, we are, to be here. My eyes can't open wide enough to take in all the new sights and my heart can hardly stand how happy I am. I am so grateful to all the people who helped make this possible. To all the phenomenally amazing friends and family who encouraged us, and for taking care of things at home for us so we can do this: thank you so much, it literally means the world to me. You are the best. The. Best. I am the luckiest girl in the world.

Flying over Malaysia

Beautiful painting in the airport in Kuala Lumpur

Incredible clouds

Land! Indonesia!

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  1. Yay for your visa!

    So happy that you're so happy:)
    k xo