Monday, February 18, 2013

Back in Bangkok...

What's that? Weren't we just here a few weeks ago? Yes, yes we were. And weren't we en route to Malaysia? Yes, also true. But the lure of Bangkok just keeps pulling us back, and we can't get enough. Plus, it's the only place where I can get an Indian visa, because, due to a change in plans, the one I got just before leaving Canada is set to expire before I plan on leaving India. Serves me right for my overzealous overplanning. But I'd heard that is was easier to apply for an Indian visa from your home country, and boy, they weren't kidding.

But! It's allowed us to see some new places in Bangkok, like copy shops and print shops and various waiting areas. Also, the visa office was beside another mall (seriously, how can Bangkok support so many malls?!) and had a cheap movie theatre, so we got to see Bruce Willis prove that he's never too old to kick some ass. So it wasn't all a loss.

But actually, the whole thing has been quite frustrating, and those who know me or have ever hiked with me know how much I hate doubling back, so the fact that we were here just 18 days ago is acutely irritating. But at that point, we were operating under the (apparently foolhardy) assumption that Kuala Lumpur or Singapore could issue Indian visas to foreign nationals. Not so.

So, it's a bit of a detour, but after successfully submitting the application we're going to explore some nearby destinations (not sure where yet), and after 6 to 8 business days, we'll be back to our regularly scheduled program. Fingers crossed that my application gets accepted!

Fresh off a 16-hour night train and ready to spend the day at the visa office. You betcha.

Ah, Bangkok. Land of sacred temples and sacred 7-11s.

Amazing mural in progress.

Directly across the street from the mural is this. Contrasts.

Seriously fun times.

Another of Bangkok's jaw-dropping malls. That's the bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge up there. Complete with cars.

You can!


Mall decor on the Tokyo floor.

Oversized Chia Pet?

Ronald demonstrates the customary 'wai' Thai greeting.

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