Monday, September 10, 2012

Ok, I know I've wavered back and forth on this, but the mystery plant is most definitely pumpkin!

It's now abundantly clear that the mystery plant that came up on it's own, is not squash, but pumpkin. After the last post about how it's taking over the yard, Mark bravely ventured into the thick of the monster's depths, and found a bounty hiding. Three mammoth zucchinis (from the zucchini plant somehow not being smothered, but coexisting nicely with the pumpkin), and three fat, green pumpkins — there's no way acorn squash could be that big or round!

And since then, each arm of the pumpkin plant has shot further and further across the lawn, and each has a pumpkin or two growing on it, for a total of twelve! With more popping up each day! Rather than harvest any more before they're ripe (green pumpkins can be prepared and eaten in the same way as summer squash), we're going to wait until they turn orange, and then invite the neighbours over to pick their own, because a girl can only make so much pumpkin pie, and roasted pumpkin, and pumpkin seeds, etc.

I'm giddy that I have a pumpkin patch, and at the thought of looking out the window someday soon after a frosty night, and seeing orange pumpkins in my yard!

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