Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thirty-two laps around the sun

Though I technically lost an hour of my birthday, it doesn't really feel like it because the whole weekend was filled with awesomeness. Plus, it's so great to have more light in the evenings. So great.

We watched movies: something recent to start getting caught up on all the Oscar-nominated films, and something old as a throwback to my old slumber-party-bdays. I think I forced my party guests to watch this for at least three years in a row... Verdict: just as good as I remember it.

We ate. A lot. And frequently: Scone Witch (my fav), Mark's scrumptious homemade pizza (my fav), brunch at Soup'Herbe (it was superb! and another new fav), croissants and tarts and other tasty treats from our wanderings around the Market. Favs all around.

We were spontaneous: while walking past Parliament on the way to the Market, Mark suggested we go on a tour, so we did! Mark missed his Grade 8 Trip To Ottawa (the standard trip destination for schools where we grew up), and I hadn't realized he'd never been before. And since we've been living in Ottawa for almost four years now, this gross oversight had to be corrected. So tourists we were! 

We basked in the incredible weather: lots of warm, friendly sun. We went for a short hike in Gatineau Park, though there was enough snow we could have gone snowshoeing! Mark got my bike all tuned up and fixed my flat tire so I could ride to work this week, which is the best feeling. No more being tied to the rigid bus schedule! Freedom! And now Mark doesn't have to listen to me belt out "I want to ride my bicycle. I want to ride my biiiiiiiike. Bicycle! BICYCLE!"

Oh, and one more thing: I got a tattoo! A birthday present from my workmates (I have the best job. Last year they got my private accordion lessons and the card read "Accordion to us, you're the best." No, they're the best!)

This is not the first tattoo I've gotten for my birthday. When I turned 18 my parents and I went to visit my brother at university. My brother not only sprang for me to get a tattoo, but he also kept my parents busy while his roommate took me to get it done. It was not until my parents and I were driving home that I told them. Best secret plan, ever.

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  1. Yay! Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Happy Belated Birthday!