Monday, March 19, 2012

Leprechauns and inukshuks

Jigging up a St. Paddy's Day storm with friends in Renfrew.

Sun filtering through heavy morning mist in the forest and resting in a thick, white swath on the mighty Madawaska — the same stretch of river that perfectly, magically, reflected a thousand stars the night before.

Basking in the glorious spring summer sun while fishing for passing ice floes; building inukshuks on them, and sending them on their way. Wondering who might spy them on their downstream journey and wonder how they got there. 

For all the goodness of the weekend, the low-light was without question, most definitely, roto-rootering our drain (just like we did in July). Specifically those several heart-stopping moments when I was certain the gurgling we heard — after feeding 47 of the 50 foot cable into the drain — was an approaching force promising a geyser of disastrous proportions. Thankfully, the gurgling was receding and was in fact the sound of success, and now full-flow showers and baths are mine to be enjoyed again (and for a fraction of the price a plumber would charge — we are die-hard DIY'ers, even when the job is a horrid one). Though, it's good to be reminded how much excess water we use waste.


  1. Sorry i missed your fun adventure but glad it worked out in the end . Having fun at blooms . Love dad and mum.

  2. Glad to hear the roto rooter was a success!