Monday, August 22, 2011

Ultimate champs

Another weekend filled with action-packed Ultimate. With over 300 teams playing throughout the week, OCUA (the Ottawa Carleton Ultimate Association) has one of the largest summer leagues in the world. The end of summer brings playoffs for each weekday league. Saturday was the tournament for the Thursday league, and Mark's team, Top Gun finished #1 for the second year in a row, beating out 53 other teams!

Sunday was the tourny for our Tuesday team, the Killer Bunnies, and we battled hard through two games in the rain, winning both, making us the champs of Tier 7 of the Tuesday league. (Never mind that there are only 7 Tiers to the Tuesday league — it's better to be at the top of the bottom than the bottom of the top, am I right?!) It was an epic win. Plus, the Bunnies demonstrated such good-naturedness throughout the season that we were ranked one of the top spirited teams, which meant that we were awarded Spirit Beer after the game. Good karma = free beer, I dig it. And, the rain kindly held off just long enough for our post-game celebrations.

Our fearless mascot and cutest spectator!

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