Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baby quilt, all done!

My quilt recently came back from the quilter's, leaving the final (and very enjoyable) step: adding the binding. I made a double-fold binding as per the method described in my cousin, Mary Elizabeth Kinch's excellent book, Small Blocks, Stunning Quilts. I can't speak to other techniques, since this is my first completed quilt, but I found this worked so well, and really made for a lovely finished edge. And had the added benefit of requiring some very zen hand-stitching, which we all know I love!

I am so thrilled with this bright and summery quilt; now just to wait patiently for the little one to arrive, so I can swaddle him up in it!

There are two bits of "charm" (two same fabrics accidentally adjacent) in the quilt, but they're hard to spot!


  1. It is beautiful! What a fantastic heirloom for your first child to treasure.

  2. Great job! It's so pretty!