Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bangkok time

On day two we walked to Khao San Road, along streets lined with vendors selling colourful fruits and candies, sizzling meats, simmering fish; past wats and temples--quiet havens from the noise and bustle of the streets. Khao San Road itself is backpacker central, a crowded street overhanging with layers and layers of signs for cheap guesthouses, bars, nightclubs, restaurants; and of course vendors selling clothes, sunglasses, bags, buddha statues, cheap massages, and more and more food, all the while tuk tuks, motorbikes, cars, delivery vans honk and weave their way around each other and all the backpackers snapping pictures and doing their best to bargain.

We wandered around and through the alleyways toward the Democracy Monument, where we met a kind University professor from Chiang Mai named Daeng, and ended up spending an enjoyable afternoon with him, talking about language, and the differences between Canada and Thailand, politics, family, education, and of course food. He took us to a tucked away area of street vendors alongside a canal, where he taught us some Thai phrases, and helped us order some authentic pad thai (mai pet = not spicy), som tum (papaya salad), and some other dish of crispy fried pork wontons. I didn't see another tourist the entire time. The only downside was when it became clear that we were expected to pay for all of the beer that he'd been drinking, which detracted from the experience, and made us question his intentions. But on the plus side, the vendor beside the table we were at had about 10 cats, and she let me hold the tiniest one! So we said lakorn (goodbye), and went up to see the views from the The Golden Mount.

The Golden Mount is an artificial hill with a chedi on top, which houses a buddha image, and gives a pleasantly breezy, 360 degree view of Bangkok. From up here the din of the streets below fades into the background, and all you can hear is the cawing of colourful birds, and the sounding of gongs and the ringing of bells.

From there we walked to the Siam Discovery Mall (very western), and the MBK Centre (another mall) across the street. It was quite a contrast to see this slick, modern side of Bangkok. The air conditioning was a pleasant contrast, too.

Breakfast at our guesthouse

Khao San Road

I actually hate cats and am having terrible time.

Don't know why.

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  1. Amazing! I feel like I am there all over again! Love the naked boy! lol