Friday, June 1, 2012

Do what you can't do

Just looking at the sheer range of works that Picasso produced proves that this wasn't just something he said; it's something he lived. The AGO's exhibit of work from his personal collection truly shows that there's no medium he didn't try. Whether you're a fan of his work or not, his immense impact on the art and political scene of the time, and lasting impact into today's art and pop culture scene, cannot be denied. He was revolutionary! I was especially taken with his etchings and line drawings of performers backstage. Such energy, whimsy, and passionate sense of fun.

And he sure liked the ladies, didn't he? The infographic of the chronology of his life showed a lot of overlap between the women in his life—made me giggle. But each was a muse for him at different points in his life, and had a huge influence on his work.

It was fun to be back in Toronto, to see the AGO after the reno (so light and airy!) and to feel the energy of the city that I sometimes miss, but in hindsight feel I never appreciated enough while I lived there.

Lake Superior by Lawren Harris

Perhaps my favourite room in the AGO? Love the paintings exhibited floor-to-ceiling, French salon style.
Awesome mural by Nunca, southside of 52 McCaul Street

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