Friday, February 17, 2012

My cousin's Big Fat Italian Wedding

Though the event was almost a week ago now, I have only just recovered from my food coma. It was a feasting marathon, as you can imagine. Multiple course meal, preceded by hor d'oeuvres and an oyster bar, and proceeded by a midnight table of sweets/savouries: complete with a make-your-own-poutine station! But let me back up bit, the wedding was not all about the food.

It was so great to see this beautiful day finally arrive for my cousin. It feels like ages ago when she first told me she had set a date, and suddenly, it was here! It was fun to be back in Toronto again, and really great to see some family I hadn't seen in months (my aunties flew in for the occasion! one from the east coast, and one from the west). The speeches were touching, and it was so lovely to see a couple so in love and perfect for each other. A happy day to brighten February.

Beautiful and ornate St Paul's.

The stunning bride!

Enjoying a hot chocolate at Balzac's between the ceremony and reception.

Gorgeous vintage dress.

Berkeley Church was the most lovely and interesting venue!

The happy couple dancing the most elegant waltz!

Me with the bride and the aunties!

Oh, aunties. :)
Photo by Michael Moore

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