Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kitchen Sink Cocoa

I created this recipe concoction after finding my container of hot chocolate empty one day. Too lazy to go to the store and get more I thought what would the pioneers do? and set to work combining a mélange of items—a jumble, if you will—from the cupboards. The basic hot chocolate part was simple enough: cocoa + sugar, but that seemed rather boring, so I started improvising. I ended up with a mugful of never duplicable (pretty sure that's a word!), but alwadys tasty, hot chocolate-esque beverage.

For the purposes of sharing with you, because I thought you might also like it, I made a mugful using measuring spoons, so I could tell you how much of each ingredient to put in. It should be noted that it pained me to do this, because I. don't. measure. You all know that's not how I roll. So, take these measurements with a grain of salt, they're more for appearances. Really, you should look upon this as a list of ingredients of which you can add some/none/all of, omitting freely, and adding whatever strikes your fancy. And you know, if a little Frangelico and/or Irish Cream and/or Zambuca spilled in there, that probably wouldn't be a bad thing. So with that pioneering spirit in mind, I give you: "Kitchen Sink Cocoa":

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  1. Love this Amberlea!! Great photo/recipe. Sounds DELISH.

    -k xo